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Welcome to Soulas Hearing Aid Center!

Wanda Creed (Board Certified, Hearing Instrument Specialist)

Wanda has been dispensing hearing aids since 1986 and is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of hearing care in a personalized, caring environment. We are proud to serve the hearing needs of Maine.

We provide an array of services related to hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, rehabilitation and prevention of hearing impairment and offer the latest products from the top 6 manufactures of hearing instruments.

About Us

Hearing Care Services

We provide hearing care services, including:

  • Referral to your primary care physician, if needed
  • Hearing loss prevention consulting and solutions
  • Hearing loss rehabilitation and counseling
  • Recommendation of hearing aids or other assistive listening devices

 We custom fit and sell a full selection of hearing aids, including:

  • The latest advanced digital models
  • The best in cosmetically appealing styles
  • The best quality affordable options
  • The top of the line brand name products


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